Is It?

by Teliof

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released August 27, 2008



all rights reserved


Teliof Israel

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Track Name: They believe we exist
On the top of the mountain - Above clouds of white
stand the lord in the day - and the devil at night

and they watch amazed at the beings below
and they wait till those beings will finally know
the truth of their existence
who gave them their souls?
at day the god gives - at night the devil tows.

so- on one winter's evening as the devil came on
to replace god- he wanted, he stood there alone.
as the devil arose surrounded by mist
said god in despair - they believe we exist
and he whispered again - still believe we exist.
Track Name: Die for us
We bow down to your grace and glory
We are bound by the fear you incite
We are all in love with your lies and
We wish you an eternal life

Will you give your life
For the sacred cause of it all?
Words are not enough
Will you die for life?

Praise your thoughtfulness
We are yours to
Sell or buy
We're nothing at all

Last night a nomad arrived in our town
Claiming that he knew the truth
He told us we all have been taken for fools
But we had our ears shut

We tore at his flesh and we hung him up high
Set him on fire at dawn
Your honor must never be doubted in any way
Your honor is all we have

I'm a simple honest man
There is nothing that I can do
Listen to my people say:"We love you"
All I do is for you
It's time to say a prayer
"You are our god"

Master has told us of monsters outside
Monsters that wish to do harm
He took all our children
So we could sleep safe at night
He is divine and just

Our houses are crumbling we have nothing left
It's all a part of the plan!
One day he'll return And bring back all the glory
We must believe its right!

I'm a simple human being
Just as weak as the next guy
It was never my plan, No!
"We all love you"
I didn't want to lead at all
It was always, their own choice!

We are proud to serve as your army
We will shed our morals for you

"All are sleeping"- I must escape, must get out of this town
This self made detention I have to break and be gone
"All he wanted" - Peace for my people and freedom for me
Now there's no salvation - Now there Is no horizon to seek

Hear hear! Wake up!
Our Master is gone – Was he taken from us?
Our cruel foes will pay for this!
Fight them we must. We’ll crush them to dust.
Ready the troops Bury our youth!
"We are willing to give you our youth"

We will hunt down those who have taken him
We will skin their children alive
We will not return to our home until
It's all right not to think for ourselves

Will you give your life
for the sacred cause of it all?
Words are not enough Will you die - for us?
Say, Will you die for us?
Track Name: Piece of cake
Piece of cake/ Lyrics by Yuval Aviguy

Inspiration surrounds me
I'm fed with ideas.
Notes are sprouting
A concept is forming at ease

As the rhythm takes control
My song is breathing its spirit.
I'm out of lyrics but that's a piece of cake.

At first my head announces: “boy band song”
The MTV must play it all day long.
As the lyrics fly out through my pen
And merge in the sentence
I realize it doesn't really work.

When I write about love it is strange
My words seem so rough, they mustn't meet the page
It should have been a piece of cake
Let's try to work with someone else,

So I decide to get some help
from master of the lyrics, Ed
I ask him: “Please find words for this song?
I don't really mind the subject,
keep it simple, nothing big”
I know Ed well, He cant go wrong.

When his text reveals I realize the subject is too heavy.
The last line is asking:
"Will you die for us?"

When I pick words time begins to stretch
Rhymes are out of reach. Ideas are hard to catch.

The C part breaks in just on time
McCartney's used exact same structures
But, there's no hope, I need a break
Cause all I write is wrong and fake.

And I thought this would be a piece of cake.

My head is filled with nothing but despair.
I can't give up; I know I need to dare.

The fear is conquered.
My Shakespeare's pen revives the paper for ever.
And now I've got this silly song…

Finally it feels I did just fine.
Poet, I am not. But I can rhyme few lines.
This song is of a different kind
Not like the ones which blow your mind
But I'm sure that some identify with it.